We develop and train community leaders, groups of people and organizations and help them implement and execute what they have learned. 



Campaign Strategy
Starting a campaign, whether for elected office or issue advocacy, can be overwhelming. 
Our experienced team can help build your campaign operation from the ground up.


Without training and experience, raising money can be difficult to figure out. There are many components, both traditional and innovative, to fundraising, and our team can teach you the tricks to ensure your efforts are successful.

Whether you're part of an organization or a campaign, forming your message and raising public awareness is a key component of success. Our team will help hone your message and get it to print, broadcast, and internet media.

Financial Compliance

Political campaigns and some non-profits are required to track financial activity through periodic reports to the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission (NADC), or other agencies. The paperwork can be burdensome, and without experience or knowledge of the law, you could be in violation and potentially faced with fines.  We can show you how to avoid the pitfalls of the governmental compliance processes and help prepare your reports.

Grassroots Organizing
Money and media aside, you will always need a strong
and active group of supporters to help get the message
out there. A well-organized, trained group of advocates
lends legitimacy, and can be more important than you
may realize. Let us show you how to effectively build,
activate, and lead this vital network.

IT and Social Presence 

In today’s connected world, the informational and
technological infrastructure of your organization or
campaign is one of the most critical pieces to your
success. Let us show you how to effectively leverage technology to your advantage, grow your audience,
and gain the exposure you need to succeed in your mission.